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Are you an artist looking for a new way to showcase your work and get your name out there? Have you ever wanted to create and display your own art exhibition? You're in luck, because we created a free guide and challenge for you to make your vision a reality!

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"Kat and Gita have developed a fantastic resource for any artist interested in putting together an exhibition, from the dream to the execution and beyond. My own independent solo show is just weeks away and I am looking forward to it with excitement and confidence thanks to this course."

-Rachel Wold

Gita Joshi

Curator, Art Dealer and Coach

I'm an independent curator, an award winning art dealer, the host of The Curator's Salon podcast, and author of bestselling book, Show Your Art.

With almost 40 exhibitions under my belt, my experience includes producing exhibitions in business spaces, hospitality venues, artists studios, pop up spaces and in the gallery context. In this program I share my expertise and guide you to develop and realise your own show.

I have an art history background and trained in curating at Central St. Martins before opening my own gallery, Orso Major (2013-2016) in Central London. I work as an artist coach for early and mid career artists, to establish their careers and paint their own profitable path.

Ekaterina Popova

Artist, Founder of Create! Magazine and Coach

I'm an award-winning international artist, founder of Create! Magazine, master coach, and author. I'm truly passionate about empowering creators to bring their dreams to reality and guide my coaching clients to step into their best life.

My artwork has been exhibited internationally, including The Painting Center in New York, Cohle Gallery in Paris, James Oliver Gallery, Decorazon Gallery, and more.